how to post a chart?

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    trying to post a chart by printing my screen using the "PrintScreenSysRq" button on my keyboard, saving it to word then adding that as a attachement to my post but after 3 tries it fails to post and I get a page of longgggg script. Anyone care to help?

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  3. Save the pic as png or jpeg.
    No need to transport over to word, plus some won't open a word or pdf they don't know the source of.
    Then upload at and paste the code here.

    Really easy using something like SnagIt.
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    I am still a little confused.

    Ok, I have a chart on my screen. I don't see how I can just save the chart as a pic. Seems like my only option is to save my screen..
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    Click on chart window then click Alt+printscreen and then open paint from accessories >paint>newfile> paste voila!!
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    here is a chart I am short at
  8. [​IMG]
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    Hey this is fun :) but is there a easy way to post a chart on the screen like you did Wayne instead of having people download it?