How to play Argentina?

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  1. As many might know there is a radical change in government in Argentina. The new government seems to be more aligned with the west rather than Venezuela/Iran.

    Also in the last few years people in Argentina where "not aloud" to buy US Dollars thus creating a parallel market with the value almost doubling the 'official' price.

    The new president said that starting on december 11 he will open the market so everyone can buy and sell dollars.

    I am wondering, can anyone see a potential play with all this changes? What about Argentinean stocks operating in the U.S. ? Bonds?

    I would love to see different point of views.
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    Best way to play Argentina is not to play it at all...
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  3. Maybe offer money-laundering services to ruling elite? Nothing really changes
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    Argentina probably said goodbye to a corrupted government to say hello to another, it is in their DNA.
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    You are probably not going to find it here. You would need to find the guys who trade the bonds and talk to them. They might be willing to talk cause they are most likely quite lonely. I suggest a road trip to NYC. I'm serious.
  6. Revive this. Does anyone have any clue how to participate in the local markets (stock, local ccny bonds, etc). In fact, how does one even get his hands on ARS? Must sell USDARS via an Argentine bank subject to excessive charges?
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    black market
  8. %%
    Beautiful +friendly nation.Sold that bank stock.... several of them were market leaders. They love north Americans.I use ARGT as a benchmark ;maybe a bit thin to trade.They have been friendly to North Americans for a long time.TEO had a good run; NOT a stock tip.......:cool::cool: