How to place this combo order on IB

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  1. etrades


    Hi guys,

    How to place a Futures contract with covered call combo on IB ? I open the strategy builder but it has only combo orders with options only and not the underlying instrument to add to it.

    Thank you
  2. Amahrix


    Interactive Brokers has a 24 hour chat service you can use for assistance in Interactive Broker-specific questions and 24 hour weekday phone service; it'll help you get instant answers directly from the source.

    Phone or Chat
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  3. The closest I found is to use the "What if" tool.
  4. guru


    Press Ctrl+S when the strategy builder is opened. This works with stocks, I haven’t tried it with futures. There may also be some dependency on exchanges supporting such combos, as some option combos on futures aren’t guaranteed.
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  5. etrades


    Thank you Amahrix and guys,

    I found that as suggested above that using Ctrl + s is a way to do it. Another is press advanced and then click +underlying or + stock button.

    Found this by chatting to the iBot :) - asking it how to place covered calls and it immediately gave the info for buy write.

    For futures, even though the method is same (click +underlying) it says this "unsupported type" for this. For stocks it allows.

    The margin requirement is huge for writing futures options without spread (spread created with other options rather than the underlying contract for it)
  6. traderjo


    so it works with Stock + Stock options that is clear but is it doable with Futures + Futures option? that was your original question I think?