How to pick up chicks

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  1. Is that really what you men think? Jeeeeezzzz.... Its really vice-versa with those comments actually coming from the guy and at the end, the girl says, "Hi, I want to have sex and leave right after with no phone call expected until you want sex again"

    It was amusing though....funniest part is when he passes up on the large WT toothless one....
  2. Your such a major looser I am not 'stalking" you monkey boy it is just you've infected so many threads with your monkey "logic" your unavoidable so stop telling all i am stalking you cause its another of your lies and what a long list of lies it is :-/

    ps. you couldn't get laid if you were an egg. HA!
  3. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Only 3 posts folks!!!
    Thats a new record for my personal STALKER longshit! ROFL!!!

    Geeeez dude.... your sooo pathetic now, you should enter
    the Stalking Olympics for the US team. We will surely
    get the gold now! LMAOOOOOOO :p

    Sorry to burst your bubble longdip, but im getting LAID tonight,
    and the next, and the next, and the next :p
    Live in girlfriends rock :D

    Poor longdip.... he is so tired of being laughed at, find out why here:



  4. Bitter are we? :p LMAOOOOOOOO....

    Relax, its just a JOKE.

    But you KNOW there is some truth to it. ESPECIALLY in
    southern california :D Hehehehe....



  5. Had to watch it again.... damn thats funny shit! :D
    Cant stop laughing.... need to show all my boys here in
    San Diego. They are gonna die. They have to live with
    this crap attitude day in and day out down here :p


  6. actually that is not ALL women.....just american women.
  7. best part is when he passes the fat chick :D
  8. and where might I find these American women who are so blunt that they do not enjoy playing games?
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