How to pick a broker and platform?

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  1. I've traded some in the past but just now am trying to get back into the saddle. WOW! Talk about choices! So, just how should someone go about getting an appropriate broker and platform for the trading they intend to do?

    (I know - duh!) Start by deciding what type of trading you intend to do; but even then there's still a ton of choices. I decided to put this thread in the Retail Firms forum since to begin I'll likely be retail with the objective of going pro in the future. Hopefully the broker / platform won't change dramatically although the reclassification will likely alter the tax and commission structures, etc.

    Unless someone already knows of a service or fairly robust comparison made of brokers and platforms it seems pretty much left to everyone to go through their own trial and error search. Wouldn't it be great to have a fairly thorough and comprehensive evaluation of (viable) firms and their offerings? So far I've only found a few nominal comparisons at some sites. The trick of course would be keeping it current. Sounds like an ongoing business opportunity for an enterprising web person (but not me).

    Anyway, thought that if I post my findings while I performed my own one-time analysis it might benefit other traders (and possibly some firms!). WARNING!!! I'll be doing this on my own sweet time so there's no telling how far I'll get or by when - if ever! Not sure just yet how this ought to be structured. I'll likely put together a spreadsheet and post it to this site. Will update with new info as time permits.

    Anyone else interested or already done similar?
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