How to move and securely store gold overseas

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  1. I receive a free newsletter from Simon Black at that sometimes has some very interesting and helpful information. Here is a PDF I received today about moving and storing gold overseas for anyone who has considered doing so: report 2010.pdf
  2. Thanks !!!
  3. insanity.

    People need to see what happened to the "clever" people who worked with the likes of UBS to "put diamonds in toothpaste" to get it out of the country.

    It is not hard to store your gold in the US. Divide your gold into 5 or 6 lots, and find a nice spot in a national forest or ininhabited areas somewhere, and bury your gold a few feet down (where people with metal detectors are not likely to roam). Legal, and acessible.

    Panama? Dubai? Bulgaria? :D
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    LOL you are funny

    BTW its "UN"inhabited not ininhabited --hope your trading is better than your english
  5. Nice to know you never make a typo. BTW, its:

    "LOL, you are funny"

    and you forgot 2 periods. Maybe you were having your monthly period, and forgot...
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    Thanks. Any ideas as to why Switzerland was not included in the list?
  7. Maybe because UBS turned in all the tax dodgers:

    Actually, he did mention which has offices in Zurich:

    "The gold bullion purchased through GoldMoney is stored securely at the VIA MAT vaults in London, England and Zurich, Switzerland. VIA MAT International is part of Mat Securitas Express AG, of Switzerland, one of Europe's largest and oldest armored transport and storage companies. Your gold and silver are insured against theft from the vault."

    I think he answers his e-mail if you go to his website.