how to mine data?

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    Sorry for a newbie question, but I'm wondering whether there is a way to filter out what stocks to concentrate on based on a specific criteria?

    For example, can I look at a list of stocks with an average daily volume of 100,000,000 shares or more?

    btw, based on my understanding, the volume refers to the number of shares that get either bought or sold. So, if I buy 10 shares and that's the only trade for the day, then 10 is the volume, correct?

    What is I want a list of all stocks priced at least $50.00/share that jumped in price by at least 10% or more since the previous day, can I get that list?

    I'm on a thinkorswim platform. thanks.
  2. You can greatly simplify your life and just limit yourself to trading a few, well-known" stocks or indices and not waste time looking for something to trade. :cool:
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    Rather than waste time looking at stocks that have already made their move, consider looking for those that might be about to make their move ---> earnings annnouncements <--- then hop on for some of the ride :)
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    HEY! What's wrong with the Pillsbury Dough Boy routine? Squeeze here, out pops something over there. Run over there, squeeze, run back here.