How to marry a Russian millionaire/billionaire

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  1. An entire publishing industry has sprung up to teach the fairer sex how to snare an oligarch.

    They sit at nearly every table in Moscow's smartest restaurants, wearing designer jewellery and smiles that show they know they are the envy of every girl in Russia.

    But for the wives and girlfriends of Russia's super-rich oligarchs, the good life has just got a little bit harder – thanks to a slew of books telling other women how to follow in their footsteps.

    With 110 billionaires and 130,000 millionaires, oil-rich Russia now ranks only behind the United States in terms of sheer numbers of wealthy bachelors.
  2. "Take 100 Russian men," explained Oksana Grussova ...

    "Ten of them will be gay, 30 alcoholics, 10 drug addicts, 20 impotent, leaving a paltry 30 men.

    "Now take 100 Russian women, 90 of whom will be beautiful - the race simply isn't fair."


    what kind of a comparison is that?
    90 beautiful women vs 30 non-alcoholic, not gay, potent and rich guys

    even if so, that's nature, sex is like money in that a small percentage of men get more than what the majority of men get, also that's because the two are directly related, i mean money and sex (women)

    this one is more better; 0 intelligent women vs 4 intelligent men in every 100 sample

    anyhow if that is how she sees it, she should stop complaining and see if she can get the 30 in 100 supposedly quality guys who are already with younger and beautifuler girls than her fucking ugly wrinkled cunt


    all in all it's a retarded article, and humans (male or female) are stupid to even consider themselves something special in the first place, the world isn't fucking American movies in which everyone is special and earns money just by having a job but without ever having to go to work

    you talk with an American girl, she's like; "i'm special cause i'm unique", bitch my shit is unique too, everytime I take a dump it doesn't come out the same shit

    where did that fucking retarded philosophy of "i'm special cause i'm unique" come from anyways, probably from the same shit that says "America is the best country cause it's the land of free"

    humans love to hear the crap that gives them pride, go around and talk about how great humanity is and how we must try and save it, and everyone will start loving you, split them into groups, give each group a label, then build them pride by defining them within their group, after that they will get so fucking attached to the group you assigned them to, that they will be willing to even lose their life for it

    "I'm a proud XYZ willing to die for my country"

    fuck even some animals don't get that stupid

    humans were and are one of the ugliest crap of this universe, and their is nothing more disgusting then their false pride, what the fuck do they think they really are?!, most of them believe the only thing God thinks about is humans. Even if there is a fucking God, humans are probably the last fucking pieces of shit he is concerned with

    for all I care, humans can suffer and suffocate till the last their of their life, and take their pathetic dreams, retarded ass philosophies and fucked up clouded beliefs to their graves, in which almost all do anyways

  3. I don't disagree.

    I've visited every corner of the globe and familiar with almost all cultures.

    All cultures have one thing in common. The poorer they are, the more you have to be cautious of the locals.

    Humanity in general is a thriving cesspool of shit. Kind of like the disgusting putrid shit scum that flows at the top of the open sewer in a calcutta slum.

    However, from this heaving mass of shit, comes the 1 in a million mutant who creates something of value to advance human civilization (whatever that is).

    It's part of the creators big game. It must amuse him immensely.
  4. I wish I could be as optimistic as you, about the current and future state of humankind.

    I'll try to see the positive side too! :p
  5. Journalist thinks almost all the men are crap and 90% of the women are beautiful.

    Deeply insecure. Losing attitude.

  6. I like the way you put it

    I wouldn't say that the one in a million person to invent, is necessarily smart, though the probability is higher that he is smarter than the average dumb ass human, let's not forget that many have been working in or around the same field, yet one out of those several thousand curious monkeys has come across the invention merely by the fact that probability would assume after a certain amount of trial and error and certain level of intelligence the hidden subject or object would come under the person's senses. Had the population been less or these inventors had not shared their findings just to get some attention or money, the remaining billions of disgusting humans would not be where they don't deserve to be, yet these ass holes take all the credit for the work of the few; "look what we humans have obtained in the last decade or so", no bitch you haven't obtained it, another human a bit higher than you which most likely had been abused by your stupid kind shared it with your fucking gay asses for no useful reason. In the end I wouldn't value these people that much, because they shared with humans what humans did not fucking deserve in the first place.

    the fucking creator doesn't give a fucks crap about humans, he never did. humans are boring fucks, how can one be amused by their bitchy attitudes and lives