How to market your strategy ?

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    Can you guys tell me what's the best way to market your (automated) strategy ? How to sell it to a hedge fund and structure the deal ?I just finished working on a strategy (stops and targets are about 4-5 points ES) that tested great 10 years back (after slippage and comissions). Let's just say that 95% of system traders only see such equity curves in their dreams.
    Code is worth over quarter million $ so I can't send ELD to anyone as it can easily be hacked into

  2. lindq


    Trade it for 2 years then you may get some interest with audited results.

    Short of that, backtested results are worthless.

    Good luck.
  3. Jimmy3


    What's the point. All trading costs are accounted for. It's not a scalping strategy where slippage can eat most of your profits
  4. Bowgett


    Do you know any good auditing firms? Do you know if IB account can be audited?
  5. Logic


    This is going to sound a little snarky, but hopefully you get the intent: When you finally realize what the point is, then maybe you'll have a chance of marketing it.
  6. anyone can create a simulated profit. Try to use the real money for couple of weeks and then come back and report results.
  7. think of it this way, every time you do something with real money the market reacts to you- backtesting does not give you any information about how your actions could have changed the market- as much as everyone says billions of dollars get traded each day, maybe 80% of that is market maker volume that gets scratched- when you divide out the other 20% / time / stocks you see that when you click most of the time- it really is you vs the world. not having insight into these "counterattacks" to your strategy is a pretty large hurdle

    although i'm also interested in his answer- i actually have quite profitably traded for the last 4.5 years and am thinking about starting a hedge fund. anyone have any real insight they can share into this process.
  8. Chad


    I am also considering starting a hedge fund. I think the best thing to do is to start an "incubator" fund and trade your own funds for a while.
    When you have a track record, then you can start looking for investors.

    I live in the Caribbean, so I plan to register my fund offshore. Probably in Cayman or BVI.
  9. i agree with others - backtesting is worthless - only good to get ideas when developing - run it in sim/demo for a few months (assuming your sim acct has real time feed and real rules)
    to answer your Q - there is a website that allows traders to sell/market their strategies and to subscribe to strategies (not the code)... but not posting it here - pm me
  10. If we had a nickel for every time one of these newbies thought their backtested equity curve would turn into a lucrative hedge/managed funds opportunity

    "Code is worth over quarter million $ in monopoly money..." :D
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