How to manage this beast?

Discussion in 'Options' started by energizer6666, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. today i get the most difficult expereience in my trading career ,Friday i get assigned 180 116 SPY's with closing price 115.71,so Monday i was sort 18000 SPY @116,
    i get panicked a bit so i sorted 130 P@OCT21 for 3.58 and 80 P@OCT21 for 3.43,i also buy a +200-450+200 Put OCT21 butterfly for .19
    and a +200-400+200 call OCT21 butterfly for .28.
    i also had +30P@110,+30P@106 and +10P@104 all for OCT21.
    i'm in heat now, can you someone help me to proper manage this position and what adjustments are better to do?
    this position is quite large for my account i cannot think clearly ,thanks!