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  1. There are so many threads on the forum and many times some very important point gets mentioned in a given thread. I instantly feel like making a note of this important point because I think it could be very helpful in my trading and I might need this idea in future.

    Which knowledge managing software is best suited for noting down the important points from the forum, as there is so much data, and it becomes impossible to remember, which good point was given in which thread... so how to manage all this in a better way ? If I start to save every webpage of such threads manually then the data becomes huge and it is hard to categorize such data in different segments!

    What software or online service "cloud computing etc." could help us in this regard ? I am looking for some solution where I can save this information systematically and easily in just a few seconds. This software should be specifically good for capturing/saving the information from web pages articles and current forum.

    How to keep a record of important threads and important posts and to label them, why exactly they are important to me, so that I can easily find and correlate it when I need this information back.

    Please post your ideas in this regard.

    PS: the default method of thread subscription and favorites is not much helpful in this regard because of the enormous data size.
  2. Imagine if you go to a college class lecture, what software do you use to take notes on your laptop?

    I use Microsoft OneNote (part of Microsoft Office).

    I don't think you would need to capture everything in a post typically. Perhaps just highlight the paragraphs you want to save, then save it. If you save everything word for word, later on you may not want to go through your notes again. Distill the information a little bit.

    You can highlight the text, copy it, and paste it in OneNote. When you do so from a webpage, OneNote automatically save the URL of the page where the text was copied from. So you can always go back to the original webpage if you need to.

    You can then make your own annotation on the subject.

    OneNote offers 3 levels of hierarchies for your organization: Book, Section, and Page. And with Section and Page, you can create Sub-Section and Sub-Page. So you can have a pseudo 5-levels of hierarchies.

    The string search inside OneNote is pretty quick too. (Until your notebook become huge, perhaps.). Unless you google-index everything on your computer.

    It may not be a perfect solution that you are looking for. But it is a good candidate I think.

  3. You can make annotation and hand scripts inside OneNote.

  4. Ay wunder wy mosht browzerz havv boogmarkz...
  5. You have to pay for OneNote. It would be better if the Elitetrader Admin simply added a 'Favourite' button which saved the thread to a personal list.

    I tried to find a good thread from about 7 years ago the other day and I had to scroll through about 12 pages of search results to find it. It was quite a hassle.

    Having a personal favourite list would be a very handy feature.

  6. Hi Bolimomo

    Thanks a lot of the good idea. I am myself considering to start using OneNote for this work. But I have a few concerns !

    I am not sure if I will be able to use the google desktop search for searching within all the notes which I have taken in OneNote.

    And the amount of data which I want to save is Really HUGE ! It is not limited to the current forum material. Over the last 4-5 years I have saved a lot of important links and articles in various formats like MS Word files, text files, bookmarks, mind maps, firefox scrapbook addon etc. Now I am thinking about bringing most of this data into one software itself so that it becomes easy to manage and relate to.

    That is why I am contemplating various available options for this work. To give you an idea about the amount of data that I have to manage, just imagine 2000 complete threads of EliteTrader having 100 posts each !

    Will OneNote be able to hold such big data size ?

    And if I wish to share all this database online with some of my friends, then does OneNote allows such online upload and sharing "something similar to social bookmarking" ?

    Could any MS OneNote user clarify these ? and share their opinions about the benefits / limitations of this software ?
  7. wave


    The best in my opinion. SQLite is the db, so very flexible to work with data. The flexibility of this program is amazing. Support is great as well.
  8. I think I have under-estimated what you are trying to do. Indeed that is quite a bit of unstructured raw data. - That's how I see them though. Unstructured, raw data.

    How do you plan to work this? It seems that you are not planning of extracting or caching the threads. The threads will remain on ET in the ET's format. You are just categorizing 2000+ threads? Perhaps more than just the thread titles (sometimes may not mean much), you may write a short summary on what the thread is all about, then record the URL of the thread ID?

    The data size in OneNote may or may not be a concern. But it takes a lot of manual work to copy-and-paste and would not worth it. I thought you just want to extract the useful info out of some threads. You know... many posts contain irrelevant information, such as some shouting matches between a few participants.

    If you just want to come up with some categorization hierachies, and pointing to the URLs, then perhaps even something like Yahoo Bookmarks may work?

    One idea is maybe use some kind of HTML editor. (e.g. Microsoft FrontPage or the equivalent). The idea is to author your summaries and categorization structures all in one big HTML file, which stores all the URL's. To share you can send this HTML updates to your associates. OneNote can serve that purpose (one "xxxxxx.ONE" file - the book, if you use only one Section because each Section is a subfolder in Windows). But the recipients must have Microsoft Office in order to view it.

    You can build the summaries in Excel. But again... the recipients need to have Excel software in order to view it.

    But in any of these approaches, no full text search would be available because you are not extracting the data from the ET forum platform.
  9. P.S. I think resolve your question step by step... first thing first... the data. Where will the data actually be stored? The ET forum (or other forums)... along with the attachments (images, documents, etc..).

    Or are you planning on extracting them and store the data locally on your system?
  10. Thank you so much Bolimomo for your helpful reply.

    I am planning to store the data locally. Most of the data is already there in my system but in various different formats, as it was collected over a period of more then 5 years. Most of the material is in the form of articles which were interesting for me, from various websites related to trading and other news sites etc. Most of this material has been saved into Firefox Scrapbook "which does not have a good search feature" !

    it has got many thousand webpages saved inside it !

    Now I am thinking about how to save these so many thousand webpages either in One Note or in some other software which gives me the ability to properly categorize this data and if possible then share this complete collection online. A good search feature is a must.

    Most of my other data is either saved in Mind maps or in Word files, which will be easy to copy to any new software I think. The real problem is with the database that I have in the scrapbook.
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