How to make your Trading Fortune..

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TudorJones, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. 1) When there is a huge sell off on the S&P, or the indexes.. try to pick the bottom using futures. (can also use options, but I preferred futures.)

    2) Load up on as many contracts as you can (use day trading margin to hold overnight if possible) some places you can get by, but some others you wont.

    3) Hold on if the next couple of days are positive, and bail out when you are happy with the profits. (we're looking for at least $50K, but $100K should be what we should be shooting for.)

    4) If it keeps on going down... just bail. Get a new address. Change your phone number. Legally change your name (nothing drastic, but adding a different middle name etc, or spelled differently etc). And start all over at another firm.

    If helps if you live in an apartment, and is unemployed.
  2. LOL Last night your excuse for spending all the evenings of the week on ET begging for attention was that you dont post during the day because you're so busy. I guess thats just another one of your lies.
  3. Yes it was :D

    (I'm taking an unusual lunch break from my normal scheduled events today because I spend the morning at one of those Biz Breakfast events. Today is a networking day.)