How to make US$ 20 million in Colombia.

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    July 7, 2008

    SouthAmerica: As Ingrid Betancourt emerged after six-and-a-half years captivity one of the first people she thanked was Hugo Chavez.

    Why Hugo Chavez?

    Because the Venezuelan leader paid to Farc US$ 20 million dollars for the release of the 15 hostages.

    The Colombian government took the credit for the release of the hostages and they staged a fake rescue. CNN News has been showing the staged rescue over and over again.

    I wonder how many times they had to film the rescue until they got the footage to be shown on TV. They have footage of the hostages even before they got inside the helicopter that participated on this staged hostage rescue.

    Then when they were flying they captured on video the moment that Ingrid Betancourt was told that this was a real rescue mission and then you see the hostages reacting to that news.


    And CNN has been broadcasting this bullshit and we are supposed to believe on that version of the rescue.

    I guess the US$ 20 million dollars payment for the release of the hostages would not make a good story for the mainstream media and the various government involved on this deal don't want to encourage revolutionary groups to get more hostages and become a regular source of income for these groups.

    They had to come up with some silly official version of the rescue to keep everybody happy. Besides this official version is more appealing to Hollywood.

    There is some Hollywood company that is already planning to make a movie about this staged rescue. They want to reinforce on peoples minds that the official version of this rescue happened the way they told the mainstream media.

    It does not matter to Farc what the official version of the story has become since from their point of view they got paid US$ 20 million dollars and it did not matter how they got the hostages. If the Colombian government decided to stage this silly bloodless rescue to use it as propaganda – then they have accomplished their goal and everybody got something from this deal.



    typical crap from latin american leftists. Get it through your head, marxism does not work. Chavez has not said one thing after the rescue and the rapist is chief from Nicaragua is saying that all the rescues should be done the same way so none of his comrades get kill.

    She thanked the armed forces of Colombia and not your crappy little mad bomber from venezuela.

    Dead to communists!!!!
  3. Hey SA. How about a reference?
  4. The Colombian government had supposedly offered ten times that amount for them. Now that they're out, how about we help the Colombians deal with this FARC problem? If we're lucky, Chavez will get in the way and we'll have an excuse to deal with him too. Certainly we need to clean up this mess before Obama gets into office, otherwise he will be giving US aid to FARC and inviting Chavez to the White House to advise him.
  5. Chileau: typical crap from Latin American leftists.

    Dead to communists!!!!


    July 7, 2008

    SouthAmerica: Your mindset is 20 years behind times since communism has been dead since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Eventually even you will be able to catch up to the reality of this matter since you still fighting communism.

    You remind me of the movie “Blockhead” with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy – Stan Laurel is left behind to hold a position in some hill during WW I and 20 years after the war has ended he still there holding the position by himself since he does not know that the war has been over for the last 20 years.

    You are the Stan Laurel of the communism world.

    The sad part is that there are many Stan Laurels out there who still afraid of communism including Lou Dobbs since he always refer on his show to communist China – the country that has adopted a savage form of capitalism at the speed of light.


    Hoodooman: Hey SA. How about a reference?


    SouthAmerica: I heard on the news on television that the Farc has received US$ 20 million dollars to release the 15 hostages.

    CNN is using the propaganda video of the staged rescue – some of the other TV channels were reporting the real story the $ 20 million dollar payment that Farc received for the hostages.

    I understand why they want people to think that there was this bloodless rescue instead of a $ 20 million dollar payment – they want to discourage groups from around the world from taking hostages and start demanding money for their release.

    After 6 years they realized that the only way to get these hostages back was to pay Farc the $ 20 million dollars.

    But if want to believe in Fairy Tales then Hollywood already has started working on the Hollywood version of this staged rescue.

    In the Hollywood version of the rescue they are going to make it more exciting since the Colombian government knows where the Farc camp is located as the helicopter with the hostages are leaving that camp the Colombia government army attacks the revolutionaries and kill hundreds of them on the ground.

    You actually don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

    If there were no agreement and payment to Farc then why the Colombian government did not destroy the revolutionaries camp after the hostages had left that camp?

    They could have bombed the place into little pieces and destroy everything in sight.

    Remember this civil war in Colombia has been going on for over 30 years and did not start about 6 or 7 years ago when they found oil in Colombia.

    Colombia did appear in the US radar only after they found oil in Colombia, but that civil war has been raging for a long time before that.

  6. SA: How In the hell you can pay attention to Narciso Isa Conde.
    That guy is the founder of the communist party in dominican republic.

    He is the one who said all this crap about that rescue..
  7. "SA: How In the hell you can pay attention to Narciso Isa Conde."

    Like all of SA's opinions, this is dictated by the fact that it makes Hugo Chavez look good and Uribe and the US look bad.

    Read his past postings ranting about how the US is picking on Chavez and that he's really a wonderful guy until he turned on Brazil and then all of a sudden he's a scoundrel.

    He has no true opinions of his own, he simply regurgitates and tows the leftist line.


    Whatever SA, use your brain . This is what you leftists believe:The FARC agreed to release 15 hostages for 20 Mill AND let two of their top commander be captured by the Colombian Army. Not even Marxists are this disloyal mate.

    Chavez is an idiot. He will end up hanging from a lamp post as all dictators do.

    Marxism sucks.

    Anyway SA have a nice day and try to use your brain past leftist "logic"
  9. Left and Right, Right and the time you guys get wise about who owns the table your political 'sides' vacilate over, it'll be too late.

    Interesting that, no matter which supposed 'side' the leaders are on, they all have an interesting predelection of kissing someones ring.

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    Rubibond007: SA: How In the hell you can pay attention to Narciso Isa Conde.
    That guy is the founder of the communist party in dominican republic.

    He is the one who said all this crap about that rescue..


    July 8, 2008

    SouthAmerica: Before you mentioned on your posting never before I had heard the name of Narciso Isa Conde. I have no idea where you got your info.

    As far as I am concerned communism has been dead for the last 20 years and I don’t pay attention to the dinosaurs that still are afraid of communism.

    The only thing that I heard on the news on television is that Farc got paid about $ 20 million dollars to release the 15 hostages.

    Regarding the part of my posting where I said that if this was a real rescue mission as CNN news have been reporting – then the first thing that came to mind was why the Colombian army did not destroy the revolutionaries camp and bombed it into pieces after they got the 15 hostages?

    CNN News still referring to the revolutionaries in Colombia as terrorists. Which is a bunch of bullshit and ignorance from their part – it could be that they are playing their usual part as a major broadcaster of government propaganda.

    If you want to go along with these clowns then good luck to you.

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