how to make trading education less boring?

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  1. cole_


    every time I try to read a trading ebook I get so bored by it and put off reading it

    I have not finished a single book on trading.

    do you think getting a physical copy would help?
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  2. Handle123


    If your heart not into it, doubt you ever make for a good trader. People who love trading, have much different responses than you. Get a copy of a book on risk management and another on the Greeks dealing with options, are you good at doing stats.

    Are you into trading mainly for the money? Those who do well, seldom think about the money, just a way to keep score.

    There is one for the best sites on charting, you bet it is going to get boring and until you have most of the patterns down like subconscious level, all the rest not going to matter.
  3. tomorton


    Try making your reading active rather than passive. Draw up a standard template with labelled spaces indicating what you want to extract from each section, chapter and the book as a whole. Decide in advance what you want the content to do and keep a track of this as you go through the book. Contextualise objectives as you read the Introduction/Foreword to the book and each chapter. Put your notes into the appropriate sections.

    You will still find that many books, especially e-books, are not worth finishing but at least in those cases you will have mined them most efficiently.
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  4. For me there`s only one pattern in markets.
  5. Started by Handle or by cole_?I don`t get
  6. tommcginnis


    Lighter fluid.
  7. zdreg


    the pattern is a secret. it is buried deep in a hole in a barely accessible part of Siberia, Russia.
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  8. Not at all.There you go:
  9. lylec305


    If you have a hard reading books. Take a course, they will spoon feed you basics. Then find a good mentor for more spoon feeding. Don't guritate this stuff is real granular and boring, may require force feeding(s). Then it's practise and lookup stuff on investopedia, watch videos etc. If you have no patience for that, trading is not for you. Or hire a trader that's willing to coach you along the way, which is additional.
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  10. Xela


    I agree firmly and clearly with all 6 points that Handle made, above, in his initial response.

    It always helped me hugely (but I think people do vary in this regard). Certainly worth a try, though - it can make a big difference. (I even gave away my Kindle, and buy hard copies only, now.)
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