how to make more money

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  1. like any brick and mortar business, the money is in the scale.
    If you are focusing on strategies with no scale, then you won't be making any type of big money aka wasting your time.
  2. What do you mean by scale? Do you mean Scaling in?
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    Apparently you haven't seen his paper trading "journal" in the chit chat forum.

  4. how to make money?
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    so how do you know if a strategy can scale or not
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    If speak about trading business, the key I think is very liquid instrument and relatively long-term strategy to be able to enter/exit without care about every tick.
  10. liquid is #1 [if you can't get out you can't manage risk]
    #2 is able to enter and exit using 500 million dollars, instead of thinkin you are trading with $500

    now perception of entry changes with that mindset. you are now able to trade with the big boys.
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