How to make money shorting Google

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  1. Have you all noticed that every month when Sergey Brin sells his shares that Google drops between 5 to 15 dollars? He seems to do it on the first monday or tuesday of the month sometimes selling more on wednesdays.

    Even though he is only selling around 100k shares each day there still seems to be some relation to the price dropping. 100k shares on 10 million shares a day doesnt seem like it should make much of a difference, but then again 1% being pulled out each day he sells would make a $4.30 (at todays prices) drop if investors hold what they started with and day traders cover at the end of day. That would explain a $12.90 drop over 3 days. :)

    So there you all are....a free system for all you GOOG traders :)

    Even though I dont trade Nasdaq stocks, I was just wondering what you all thought of this.
  2. google, like practically all stocks, follow the general market. thats all there is to say here.
  3. perhaps he forsees googles move and he sells because of that...not the other way around:p

    goog is one of the easiest stocks to follow imo

    very easy patterns
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    good one. Here's another one, GOOG cycles through in 5 days. After 5 higher closes, look for weakness. Can anyone backtest these 2 criterias together? imo the results will be statistically significant.
  5. If I remember correctly, Brin and Pages has been sell their shares since day 1 of the ipo. doing that every week.
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    i hope that Brin and Page have learned a lesson from the YHOO guys and sell all they can:confused:
    Brin and Page are very bright guys and my guess would be that theyve done a lot of thinking about stock price movements in general and that GOOG price in particular
  7. by far the best way to make money with GOOG is to short it here around 430 and keep it for the next 5 years, you can cover around 150.
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    Care to write a forward on that? :cool:
  9. Good idea...unless of course GOOG hits 861...then your screwed...of course the day it hits 861...then it will drop to 150 :)
  10. it depends on the size you are trading. If you bet against goog right now, you will be right big at some time but you need deep pockets. Althought the action last days points towards a drop <400 during the next week, there can be plenty of other things that they have as amunno to sell the last shares to the remaining idiots, like stock split or they begin to take their cash and buy other companies etc.
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