How to Make Money In Bitcoin Without Buying Bitcoin!

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  2. Pekelo


    What is the summary? My guess...

    1. Go long futures.
    2. Go long crypto stocks.
  3. Overnight


    Skimmed through it in 10 secs... just some guy in a plain sweater yammering on for 19 minutes. I didn't get the sense that at the end I was going to get a free Salad-Shooter™ with every purchase, so didn't look into it further.
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    He might tout going long NVDA or similar names.
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  6. Well if you watched the rest of of it you would see that he's 100% accurate on all his trades. Not bad for a guy in a "sweater."
  7. Wrong. Watch the video.
  8. Nothing to purchase. Actually watch and maybe you will learn something.
  9. Wrong on both accounts. Watch the video.
  10. Pekelo


    I am already long AMD, and that has been crapping on me. Skipping through the video the guy mentioned a semi conductor firm. He probably haven't heard that crypto mining is so 2010ish.

    Anyhow, TSM has just dropped 10% although yes, it had a nice run in 2017.
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