How to make money in a deflationary, wealth destruction economy?

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  1. How to make money in a deflationary, wealth destruction economy?

    Reallistic approaches, not unproven, speculative ventures like shorting (anything) at these already low levels.
  2. Live off with dividend and interest payments.
  3. Yeah!, I was thinking it is about the only way.
  4. That is for wealthy people, for poor, get a unions jobs, best from government.
  5. learn to short
  6. short at these low levels?

    too risky, how much is already priced in?
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    Traders have too short a memory. It was less than a year that the govt of several countries ban shorting. There is nothing that says they can't do it again.
  8. Bob111


    low levels? most of REITS are 100-150% up within 3 months from lows..3 months man..not 3 there any significant changes in real estate market?
    this is just single example
  9. exactly.. there are so many OVERBLOATED sectors.. they are priced as if. we are at DOW 12K and plus..

    just look around

    REITs. my favorite..
    some tech.. even AMAZON. still has P/E of 40 plus... unjustified.

    the beauty of the market is it PRICES the present . and the PRESENT ONLY
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    Step 1. Get a big ass truck, armor plating a must.

    Step 2. Get guns..lots of guns., with ammo..don't forget that.


    Step 3. ????

    Step 4. Profit!
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