How to make moeny with stocks!

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  1. Everyone has their take on how to pick stocks. Some of these strategies are fairly complex and rely on many variables many of which are hard to define. Such methods include moving averages, bands, tendlines, resistance levels, level 2 quotes, ect.

    My strategy is so plainfully simple, yet so obvious. And you don't need any of that coplicated tecnical analysis crap.

    It is: Buy Stocks That Go Up!

    Thats all you need to do in order to make money in the stocks market. Very easy to state and do, yet many oeople always fall into the rut of buying stuff that doesn;t go up which is why they have poor returns and get caught with duds and losers.

    So if you want to make moeny in the stock market buy stocks that go up. Thats simple.
  2. Ebo


    I suggest you learn to spell MONEY before you try to make any!
  3. Any data to back your wonderful system up, stock trade? Profit factor, drawdowns, ROI, etc...?
  4. I thought my system of buying stocks and holding them 20 years was the best way to make money off of stocks? I guess my way is the hard way and it has not caught on yet. What do I know?
  5. Man: Everytime you come and say how easy it is to make money, the market is close to the top.

    Why do you have to ruin the party?

    I guess I'm going to close my longs today. It was a good ride though.

  6. Sounds like an old system to me, invented by W. Rodgers who stated it:

    "take all your savings and buy some good stock and hold it till it goes up, then sell it. If it don't go up, don't buy it."

  7. trad3r, loks leik yu got every theng figurid out. I'm going to try ur stratigy and c if i can make moeny tu. :p

  8. You bought and held HANS, GOOG, AAPL, TIE, etc. back in May, and sat frozen while the stocks and the market were getting crushed.

    I'm not sure your "strategy" is very sound.
  9. Or for those who remember the Saturday Night Live skit with Kevin Nealon as "Futureman" the Saturday after 1987's Black Monday:

    "Read old newspapers. Go back in time. Buy low, sell high."
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