How to make Millions of dollars per day trading.

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  1. 1. Become a famous rapper
    2. Get a twitter account
    3. Tell your millions of fans that know nothing about stocks to buy some Bullshit penny stock you already own.
    4. Sell

    This is how you make money trading.

    Kind of makes you sick when some dumbass like 50 cent who likely knows diddly squat about economics, the stock market, or even what a ticker symbol is, can make this kind of money in stocks in 1 day.
  2. That should tell you that the real value is in being famous, not in being an economist or a trader.
  3. All that this adds up to is that you need to catch the trend early...any trend in any area
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    He didn't sell, and you just sound petty and jealous that he has parlayed his rap "talent" into financial independence. This country has always allowed some low-talent people with good timing to strike it rich. There are any number of "actors" and "musicians" who you couldn't pay me to waste my time on, but somebody likes them or they wouldn't be famous. That's life ... get over it.
  5. 50 cent already made something like $300 million from his investment in Vitamin Water before it got bought by Coke. I don't know why he is wasting his time with this penny stock crap, it would be funny if he got busted by the SEC for what he did.
  6. I bet 50 made a lot of money from coke.

    ............Then he made more money from Coke.
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  7. Lol ,'ve just confirmed to everyone that you are a losing trader. The guy created value in whatever he does and i,m sure he pays a healthy amount in taxes.You too can do it.:D
  8. I dont care that he got rich from rapping. I'm pissed that he went on twitter and told everyone they would double their money if they bought that stock. Alot of people are going to lose when they try to sell. People dumped 50 million dollars into a worthless stock because some idiot rapper told them to.

    Do you know how much that company he pumped had in revenue as of february 2010? $8,000. Thats REVENUE, not profit. I expect this company is nothing more than a couple of his broke ass buddies that started a company and plan to cash out soon. Fifty didnt sell because I'm sure his buddies will cash him out on the back end.
  9. Maybe it was just a trial run for the real pump to make some real money...
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    Report him to the SEC.
    Pump and dump is illegal.

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