How to make $$ in this market

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  1. 1) if we open gap up, short any 5 stocks at open, then cover at noon.
    1a)if we open gap down, buy any 5 stocks at open, then sell at noon.

    2) Go do something till 2:30est.

    3)If we opened gap up, at 2:30est, buy any 5 stocks, then sell just before close.
    3a)If we opened gap down, at 2:30est, short any 5 stocks, then cover just before close.

    Class dismissed lol

  2. do you know how many times we gap up at the open,sell off and then make a new high at noon? lots of time. that method will not work.
  3. Statistics do not really support this. Increase the odds by looking for only a 70% fill.
  4. Oh I know it wouldn't work most of the time - but you get my drift.

    Wash, rinse, repeat. etc. etc.

    In sideways markets, usually best to gauge entries and exits based on high / low from previous day or two.

    Problem is, everyone looking for a break up or down - could happen any time now.
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    Are you trying to insult us or embarrass yourself? You have a long way to go buddy.
  6. You're insulted? LMAO

    How about posting something worth reading, like......

    How do YOU trade a sideways market?
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    I am telling you that the market is much bigger than you think and being successful is not only about buy/sell strategies but about psychology, risk management, position sizing, research, etc. If you want to make your strategy work I'd suggest including some of these into it.

    I don't trade sideways market unless they provide substantial up/down moves. I stick mostly to trending stocks only.
  8. You and me both.

    My initial post was only tongue-in-cheek.

    Sideways market driving many folks crazy - especially long term holders.

    These days, long term might be two days, provided you got a good entry.

    Sideways frustrates everyone I think.
  9. Market can do whatever it wants whenever it wants.

    Forget statistics, stick to analyzing it's many different "mood" swings and reacting not predicting its bipolar behavior.

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