How to make computer run charting more efficient

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    Personally, I feel it's a good idea to disable any kind of "real time/background scanning" of anything.... but to have adequate backup, just in case.
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    Hey guys,

    Actually, testing my DSL connection on several sites I've found I'm getting about 90% of what I'm supposed to get, which, as I understand it, is pretty good. I have no complaints about that. The only thing I have running in the background utility-wise is Spy Sweeper, which has not slowed down anything as far as I can tell. I've also tweaked Firefox. For anyone interested:

    I really don't know how all the Windows-connecting-to-the-internet stuff works. I was just wondering if there was anyway to speed up anything else internet-wise from the computer-end of things by having whatever Windows components are involved residing in Ramdisk as opposed to swapping to disk. Apparently not.

    I'd kill for Verizon. 15 Mbps, 2 1/2 my present speed, for less than I'm paying Bellsouth. Argh.

    Thanks for your comments,
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