How to make computer run charting more efficient

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gpstrade, Jan 27, 2007.

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    are there any tricks to making computer down load charts, run more charts, run charting more efficient with disabling some microsoft programs or anything else.
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  3. To Keep my PC at top shape... I...

    Do a disk defag and boot defag once a wk with Perfect Disk...

    Do a spyware and virus check once a week with a real time spy and virus watcher agent... Adware too...

    Do a registry cleaning once a weak using Regclean...

    Uninstall unused programs prior to a reg clean...

    Set up system restore points before installing any software not from well know companies and sometimes even before installing them... Win XP +

    Make sure system is running at proper temperature for CPU...

    Watch CPU using Task Manager during trading to see what is using how much CPU and memory...

    Purchased NeoTicker Charting software because it is multi threaded and will use my dual core efficiently much more than single threaded apps like single threaded and poorly designed eSignal's freeze em up advanced charting software... (shame on you eSig)....

    using Excel 2007 with RTD (better than DDE) because it, excel 07, uses multi core calcualtion engine and can utilize 2GB of ram...

    anyway... Hope some of that helps or hits the mark for you... good luck...



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    Is this true? Is the new excel 2007 much faster? Have you done a side by side analysis?

    Thanks. Your posts are always helpful.
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    Do you think using a different browser like mozilla firefox would work better then Explorer. I do use esignal / IB and i have efs program that auto trades.
    thanks for all your time and help!

  6. RTD works with Excel starting with XL2002. Even lowly VB6pro apps can work with it! And yes, RTD is more efficient/faster than DDE.

    Here's MSKB for working with XL2002...
  7. Hi Duard,

    faster i am not sure... i have not tested that... i am using excel 07 so i can use the advanced option to turn on its multi calculation engine in the hopes that i would get better CPU efficiency... and its ability to access a greater amount of ram for faster calculation... and compared to the 02 version i was using 'i think' it is faster... definitely more efficient...



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  8. Thanks for the excellent info Edgehunter.

    I've been trying to get a product from RT Soft that allegedly interfaces between Tradestation and Excel to get RTD into Excel. Its not working though.

    Are you limited in the number of symbols you can receive? I use 2000 which is the max Tradestation will allow using intraday data (historic data max is 1000).

    Can neoticker handle 2000 US stocks symbols in real time?

    Thanks in advance for any insights.
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    How does that work? So you can specify the amount of ram to allocate and the particular program you'd like to use it?

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