How to make a lot of money without any work

Discussion in 'Trading' started by savage, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. savage


    Well, it seems like many people are looking for money-making strategies so I will oblige. I will begin to post my trades on this thread. The strategy is very the OPPOSITE of every trade I make.

    This has been prove to be a very effective strategy and you will at least make the amount that I lose. Just a thought, if I could get a small rebate back at the end of the year or something that would be nice.



    "You can do it!".......from the movie, "Happy Gilmore"
  2. do the opposite of yourself and make lots of money?
  3. lightnen, That's exactly what I did. I was losing money. I stopped trading and tried to figure out what I was doing, and started doing just the opposite.

    If it is so easy to lose money why is it so hard to make money? If you tried to lose all your money could you do it?

    99% of trading is all in your head. (The other one percent involves pushing the right button.)
  4. For example, I was putting on trades at what I perceived to be the lowest risk points. Now I stay out of low risk trades and only put on trades at the highest risk point. (Not to be confused with low and high probablility.)

    After a while, it is like jumping over a fence and seeing everything from the other side.