How to make a killing with options

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  1. You really just need patience wait for a dip and buy calls $AMZN, $GOOGL, $AAPL, $NFLX get at least 3 months of time. If you have levels you can buy a spread and leg out.
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  2. The title of this certainly attracted my attention, as good get rich quick scheme marketing usually does.
    It did draw attention to Options trading for me so I contacted my broker who has been in the option trading business since the mid 80’s for a reality check.
    “Making a killing “ was over the top but they could spend time with me so I could understand if options were the right vehicle for me.
    I encourage you to contact Cannon Trading folks, they just made too much sense to me and now I supplement my trading with a futures option trading sub account!
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  3. spy guy

    spy guy

    i concur, i only do simple call or put directional trades with spy etf, i am on a streak of 106 winning trades without a loss, keep it simple, works for me
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  4. i960


    So in other words you just buy calls every week and put on the genius hat.
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  5. Isn't that the essence of being a market genius...being able to predict/and/or/manage/trade the future correctly.

    You make it seem so easy and/or condescending to do so. :confused:
    Better yet, do this on a daily time scale...much bigger opportunity and potential to grow and compound an account, exponentially even.
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  6. spy guy

    spy guy

    No I also buy puts depends on how the market acts you would quickly bust out just buying calls
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