How to make $4 million trading

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    Damn, that's a real rebel.
  3. See how crazy thinking athiests are? At least when you give up material things in religion, you do it for God. This guy did it for nothing!
  4. You got it backwards. Assuming he was of sound (but quirky) mind, then he did it for himself. People who would do it expressly for God (a.k.a. Sky Fairy) are the ones who would effectively be doing it for nothing.

  5. Hmm, if religious people give up things for god, they some do that for a big reward of heaven. So they do that for themself.

    If that man is atheist, and give all his money to NPR and others, than maybe he does not want the things material all his money can buy him like a big house and car, so he buys education for the public. That make him feel good, like a house or car will make other people feel good, or heaven can make other people feel good.
    So peilthetraveler, you are saying if a man gives something to people for free, he is doing that for nothing? People are nothing?
    Or you can not accept someone who is atheist to be a good person?