How to make $37 Billion in one year? Create a Fake Currency!

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    Same as when you added a .com to your company name back in late 90s. It would shoot the price up. This didn’t mean the internet was a ponzu scheme or it wouldn’t work as you can see today.
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  2. I said 6 years ago, what's to stop me from creating my own coin.

    Turns out nothing but lazyness.

    Your excuse?
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  3. More like 95% will disappear but Litecoin is here to stay. Better buy some. It is a good compliment to Bitcoin. Buy those two if you just want a good position but a little research will reveal a few other good ones that are putting the blockchain technoglogy into some good products that will probably be even better performers in 2018. @S2007S you have been so negative to your own peril. This whole thing is just getting started.
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  4. Cardano - top choice.
    Walton Coin - second.
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