How to make $37 Billion in one year? Create a Fake Currency!

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  1. PFFFT! What an exaggeration.

    With XRP @ $2.40, his Ripple holdings worth only $12.45B.

    What a schlock! (Or does he have another $25B elsewhere??)
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    Ballers gonna ball
    Haters gonna hate
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  4. Instead of making a fool of yourself in public, try reading the article.
  5. OK.. fool I am. I (quickly viewed and missed the point) about his "17% ownership in the company". I erroneously got that he owned "17% of the float". I didn't understand that "the company" could be so much more than the $$ value of the float. (Unless the company holds a TON coins and he owns a significant share of the company, how could the company be worth so much? What assets would they have?? The "company" is more like a P.O. box, a few desks and chairs in a $200/mo rental co-op... maybe not even that much. How could that be worth $25B, let alone his share of it?)

    A thousand gomens!

    (Besides.... it was a tongue-in-cheek joke attempt ... which you didn't catch, BTW... that he is "such a POOR BASTARD WITH ONLY $12.5B instead of $37B). So, don't we both "wear a little egg"?
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    Stick to subjects you actually know like Women's Golf, Women's cars(Subaru) and Abba.
  7. Get off my thread and get back to Felching Tony Stark
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    He's the "Dancing Queen".
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    that is pretty damn strong sarcasm. are you usually this clueless?
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