How to maintain focus and drive in trading day?

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  1. Question for pros, if anyone expeirenced this.

    Lately, I've been trading only 1-3 trades only per day. I used to trade a lot, a lot.

    It seems after 1st trade or 2nd trade I "lose" focus or "lose" interest. I do not browse the web, or watch TV. In front of my monitor but can't seem to do anything. I've been notificing this regardless whether trade was winning or losing.
    This "condition" happens regards of position size,whether I trade 1 contract or 6 contracts.

    Some kind of mental block?

    I appreciate serious recommendations. I went through Mark Douglas' "Trading in the Zone" again...but still...
  2. By changing your nickname:)
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    With all due respect…

    No one can give you the drive

    No one can give you the focus

    No one can give you the discipline

    Most everything pertaining to trading successfully must come from within…..

    Hell you’ll probably want to trade till you retire… imagine doing this without focus for the next however many years (be like having a job you hate)

    Conversely it most beneficial if you love what you do – for the right reason of course….

    And based on some of the other posts – it appears there are many who have trouble finding ways how NOT to focus on the market – when they’re not trading…

    Balance Sir – always balance…

    Sorry I have no suggestions – but possibly I’ve provided something to ponder…. Maybe a vacation (dedicated down time) wouldn't hurt either....

  4. with such low VIX nick name is due for change :)
  5. I recommend buying the most expensive coffee - honduras coffee. I find it regulates blood sugar very well.

    Also buy an upright desk that you can stand next to during portions of the day to relieve your back and legs. I use seat that is a stool, bought from Costco for under $150. Ikea used to make one called the Jerker (ya cheesy name).

    Also start using limit orders to simplify your trading. You don't need to be there all day. And if you do, its inevitable, you'll screw up by being distracted or on the toilet at some point.

    Also, it is a kind of stress to screen sit for 8hrs a day. Get a special pair of glasses designed primarily for use in front of a pc only.

    Consider that if you havent had a job when you focus on the pc all day (telework, tech support, CAD drafting, etc) that it will take a few months to get focused enough for the task at hand.
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    if you know how to trade, you look for setups, and trade them, if you can't see any,you don't trade,last three months, summer,there have been very few setups, a lot of chop,you 've recognized this and decided not to trade, good decision, give yourself a slap on the back,market is,has been very manipulated on low volume,don't trade unless your the manipulator
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  8. yeah today was so much range bound until break out. I expect some gap up or down tomorrow morning given jobless claims number.
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