how to lower gas prices at the pump

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    If ending the tax breaks for the top 5 oil companies would have increased the prices paid at the pump (as the Republicans asserted when the shot down yesterday's bill), why not INCREASE the tax breaks for the oil companies so they will lower the price we're paying at the pump?
  2. Are you brain dead? The oil companies do NOT set the price of gasoline. The futures traders set the price based on supply and demand.
  3. Bullshit

    Futures and options are manipulated by paper demand which is speculation not physical demand and supply
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    Good oil points,Oilias ;
    actually , a good idea, & give all another good tax cut.:D And the reason why many TN residents, buy unleaded gas accross state lines;
    unleaded is cheaper across state lines[they tax it less]..:cool:

    Another reason to give oil co and all ,another good tax break;
    not just because elections coming up shortly:D Its not just because the attempted gov grab of health care will drive up the price; we dont want too much power centralized.:cool:
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    How did you miss the sarcasm?

    I was pointing the hole in the Republican response to ending tax breaks for the big oil companies
  6. yes I missed the sarcasm, I have to read and respond fast while im watching and the trading the market.

    best regards
  7. With Republicans shouting "FREE BUSINESS!! END GOV REGULATION." They sure put their money where their mouth is.
  8. Nissan Leaf is 100% electric and has zero emissions. About $2 get you 100 miles.

    We drive at all times from our house to the gym/the mall to the work place and back to our house and so do millions of other cars. The environment gets polluted you get natural disaters like BP the ocean is full of oil and while we keep on driving very few people get rich and sit on top of the pyramid.

    Not to mention the direct impact that our cars have on foreign policy, oil is a magnet for war especially if located in middle eastern countries.

    I am sick and tired of supporting this system.
  9. This doesn't sound very patriotic to me.

    What do you do with the money you save? (Another un patriotic endeavour- saving money.)
  10. I hope your question was not serious if it was you truly are a miserable idiot.
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