How to locate Exceptional Lawyers?

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    In the field of estate and tax planning for US and Canadian citizens?

    Is there an 'industry review' published every year?

    Who are the "best of the best"?

    No UBS jokes please :)
  2. Oh come on, you start a thread called "How to locate Exceptional Lawyers" and not expect some slap stick?

    "How to locate Exceptional Lawyers", hang out in an emergency waiting room.
    Sorry, I just had to . . . couldn't help myself. I won't do it again.

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    Okay, that was funny :D
  4. "How to locate Exceptional Lawyers",

    Don't know about "exceptional" lawyers but the good ones are dead.:D
  5. I worked for Doc Blanchard for a while and helped Bailey in his IRS trial. Both were great. Anymore the exceptional ones are retired or just too darn expensive. I trade with one now but it took a motorcycle accident to get him to give up his license and get out of the court room.

    Try this:
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    Do you mind me asking just why you want to know "Who are the "best of the best"?"
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    It's also good to ask other lawyers in your area. Even if they don't practice the specialty that you're looking for, if you know a lawyer, they can probably direct you to some of the better lawyers in your area that do practice what you're looking for.
  9. I've been using Munger Tolles & Olson ( for 15 years. They're always the smartest guys (and gals) in the room. Their hourly rates are high, but they are very efficient and their overall billings are no higher than any other quality firm. Steve Guise is an excellent estate lawyer at MTO.
  10. Go to, they are the publishers of the Martindale Hubbell legal directory. Attorneys are rated by their peers. Look for an AV rated law firm.
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