How to lessen the stress / anxiety

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  1. My boy is very impressionable so we won't have any monkey spanking around here thank you very much.

    Oh my, it seems like only yesterday when I was washing Aphies little monkey in the bath tub on Sunday nights. And now he's all grown up and a professional trader. How proud we are.

    Our boy has been so successful with his trading that his father and I are thinking of cashing in our 401k and giving him the money to trade - I'm sure we'll see a much higher return than those silly MSFT shares which we bought back in the 80's.

    Oh well, must run along and get Aphie's dinner ready.

    Love to you all,

    Gertie Coil

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    :D :D :D :D actually I am the Cathy part...LOL
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  3. "10. realize that it is only money."

    Yea, who needs that anyway?
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    This is great! :D
    Listen the BOSS while your account heads down, down, down...
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  5. Instead of

    What about:

    What about?

    1. turn on PlayboyTV and Spice
    2. Sing some country music
    3. only trade 2 times.
    4. eat during lunchtime
    5. get your monkey spanked by someone else
    6. trade inside in the bathroom
    7. sell a simple and fool proof trading system
    8. Eat ‘shrooms
    9. Burn someone else’s dollar bills
    10. realize that it is only the firm’s money.
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    That's even better, WCOM! :D :D
    The best thing is to be already nasty $RICH$ and start trading.
    How to get a million by day trading? Start with 2 millions!
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  7. That's actually good advice (if talking in terms of annual income from a maintained capital base)...

    A lot of guys blow up or flame out because they are trying to work their money too hard... it's not about making 500% a year... it's about putting together a big enough bankroll that you can make a sweet living with negligible risk to your assets... but most guys don't think that way I guess, they think 50K accounts and constant hustling will do the job, and a stress free seven figure payout is an idea so wild it makes their eyes bug out...
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    Wow!!! Aphie started this thread...

    Damn!!! The world is coming to an end or are we going to have a warm winter in Chi-town?

    Welcome Aphie!

    The best answer I will give you is Time will prevail. Just don't quit and keep on trading.

    A harsh but practical suggestion would be to trade and don't take a break. The more you trade, the more you'll adjust to the psychological part about trading.

    A median suggestion would be masteu..@#$%@#$% wrong answer... trade while listening to your favorite music. Any kind of music is fine, one I would suggest would be the kind of music you listen in the car while driving that make you bump your head. Some happy(swell!!!) music or some music you feel comfortable with when you're not trading.

    When the anxiety and stress comes in, these music tends to be annoying. I can say that when you feel comfortable listening to these kind of music while and while not trading, it's a good sign.

    Try it, it works well for me.
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    Oh... I was reading through the responses and Commisso has it closest to what it is...

    Understanding... When? Where? What? Who? How?...

    ... these stress and anxiety occur..
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  10. xanex (.25 mg)
    #60     Nov 11, 2002