How to lessen the stress / anxiety

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  1. ...try using a minimum of indicators and only those that react (move) less than the security (es,ibm,etc) itself...then make invisible the security itself but have its digital value write some rules on the patterns you see and trade things seem to move in slow(er) motion with less stress on you...
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  3. Best way to lessen "stress & anxiety" ------> UNDERSTANDING
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  4. Brandy ...
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  5. Music
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    Get plenty of sleep and frequent sex.
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    all of the above
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    If you really have only 5K -- then you should not be trading -- period.
    Especially if it is the e-mini futs.

    The debate of how much one needs to trade is forever just that -- a debate.

    I am going to assume that since you only have 5k -- you are kind of new to trading. You might be surprised to know that most successful traders (about 1% of those that start) take at least 2 to 5 years to become consistently profitable.

    i do not think 5k will get you through the learning curve.

    keep your day job, build up your risk equity, and study the mkt every day -- bar by bar.

    just my 2 cents worth, and i fully expect some change

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    To relieve stress....
    1. turn off CNBC and CNN
    2. play some country music
    3. only trade in 2 hour windows.
    4. relax during lunchtime
    5. spank someone else's monkey
    6. trade outside on the patio
    7.get a simple and fool proof trading system*
    8. eat chocolate
    9. burn 1$ bills
    10. realize that it is only money.

    *I use Trading the E-Minis For a Living CD by Don Miller. You can see it at . I am selling my copy for $400. Contact me at
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