How to lessen the stress / anxiety

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by aphexcoil, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. DT-waw


    As far as I know, aphie has 5k for trading 1 ES contract. So, he can't trade smaller.
    My advice is: get the other, low-risk source of income! :D
    Remember even experienced professionals have long flat periods and serious drawdowns. 5k for trading 1 ES is too small acct size IMO. Maybe that's the source of stress - you're afraid to lose 40% of your account.... Futures are moving quickly...
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  2. DT,

    I agree. I think 10k would be a minimum size for each ES contract. I may do NQ for awhile, however the SEC regulations make it extremely difficult and limit the options for a smaller account.

    It will be tough.
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  3. ddefina


    I think 20K per contract is more sane. Slow and easy wins the race. Remember the NQ is more volatile normally, so that usually offsets the $20 vs. $50 debate.
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  4. trade something else
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  5. mdmbud


    I trade almost stress free, but it took me awhile to get to this point. The key was understanding my system inside and out. Once I did this, stress left....

    It's like tying your shoe. You are confident in how to do it, so very little stress ever occurs....
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  6. The longer the timeframe the less the stress. Starting out your trading career by trading the futures is like a first-time driver learning to drive a city bus instead of a Volkswagen.

    Swing trade the less-volatile listed stocks until you get your trading legs.
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  7. Cesko


    No need to masturbate here. Market has been doing me for the whole week big time. I wonder if anybody else has a feeling every now and then that it's just mathematically impossible to get screwed like that.
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  8. Sing!!!
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  9. The specialist have been in rare form this week.
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  10. xianokie


    I got some crying towels if you guys want to buy them from me. They are very soft and feel good against the face.
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