How to lessen the stress / anxiety

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  1. Should I not drink coffee the morning prior to making my first trade? I'd rather not go through that state of anxiety attack as the ES tick tocked futher away from position until it made me scream UNCLE and I put in the market order to get out. "I'm OUT out, right? Double, triple, quadruple check -- yep I'm out."

    Maybe some tea in the morning ... or something stronger -- caffeine just gets me hyper. I don't smoke anymore so that's out of the question (cigerettes) ... perhaps ... hmmm ... maybe a beer or two will settle my nerves.

    I'm just babbling, but amazed at how I said emotions wouldn't bother me and then they were all over me. Each tick further away from my position, I felt this knot getting tighter in my stomach.

    That's what happens when you do your first futures trade.

    To all future newbie future traders -- It is truely an experience you will never forget. Probably ranks up there with the time I first had sex -- at least the anxiety was there -- You know, performance concerns.

    Sorry, just babbling ...

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    Public or private?
  4. the best cure for anxiety are time and experience. get up and aaway from your desk a few times during the slow hours....take a walk around the block to clear your head....and stay small.....over time your BPM's won't budge even with 10 cars
  5. Ahhh so you see now the message that was trying to be conveyed to you with the bull proverb?

    While there are no doubt external changes that you can make inorder to lessen stress and anxiety -- the real transformation is an internal process...

    Good luck Aphie and take it slow!

  6. machine


    I knew a guy who used tio get hammered every night . Said it helped him to handle the stress from huge unrealized losses. It was in 1999. He made about 800k from 30K in 99-2000. Lost it all later when averaging down stoped working.

  7. That's what i'm talking about!!!!

    Snapping the bean....:eek: :eek: :eek: :p :p :p
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  9. Do you masturbate before taking a trade or do you start when you are in the market?
  10. Just watching the way Maria holds her microphone and clipboard at 9:30ET is all it takes :D :D :D
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