How to learn Forex Trading?

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  1. How to learn Forex and which Forex Ebook will you recommend to study for learning?
  2. DevBru


    Skip the forex part. Get in to stocks, futures or options.
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  3. Tradex


    Forex For Beginners (Anna Coulling, paperback or Kindle).
    There are also plenty of Forex for Dummies books (no disrespect intended).
  4. Tradex


    Does your stock (or even futures) broker give you 50 to 1 (or more) leverage?

    If you have an excellent trading system leverage will allow you to compound your winnings fast.
  5. Most US futures brokers offer day trade margin of $500 on the S&P ES contract. At current price that 330 to 1 leverage.
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  6. Tradex


    Yes, if you limit yourself to day-trading.
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  7. bulls95


    Apart from books do take help of forums like babypips. They have a lot for beginners. I myself took help from it when i was new to forex.
  8. Thanks for your details reply. I am already learning Forex from babypips and i hope i will learn forex very soon with the help of babypips school and other learning material.
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  9. rider20


    Indeed babypips course is the best ones to start with. You can even take help from youtube, its helpful too.
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  10. Babypips is a great platform for beginners.
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