How to Kill Bulls: Watch Me Do it in Real-time

Discussion in 'Trading' started by riskfreetrading, May 21, 2008.

  1. I just made a post in which I gave a file that shows how I kill bulls in real-time. 2 minutes later the bull has fallen exactly as described in the file. The location of the file is:

    Here is the picture of the bull after his fall. 20 pips in less than 2 minutes. You can see the red (like blood) rising when he fell.

    Picture of the fallen bull is here (note that his horn did not even touch the hammer I had set up a bit higher to hit him in case he left horn goes a bit up after I take a cut in his wallet)
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    Could you make an easy how-to on how to kill trolls?
  3. How come you have time for all these fancy art projects, but you can't make a simple statement of "I am long/short this option/future at this price" before the market drops?
  4. I cant believe a lot of you guys are on PCs still. Come on. Get a mac.
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    Why would I want to overpay for my computer?

  6. BC it's better.
  7. No charting apps run on Macs
  8. you will see thats if far easier to kill bulls than apple fanboys.

  9. Actually they will. You can have lame xp/vista on a mac if you really need it.

    As for the fanboy thing, all I can say is its easy to talk shit over the internet.
  10. Macs are for graphic designers and women.
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