How to kill an hour of your time and get nowwhere

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  1. ChatSys: This chat is associated with ticket #380598. Please record this number for use in future inquiries. You are currently in room 'Technical Assistance'.
    Leon W: Hello, this is 'Leon'. How may I help you?
    robe: hello, when i get a partial fill my status goes away on booktrader
    rober242: and the price on the main screen disappears
    rober: When i say status goes away in book trader what i mean is that it is not showing at all. it appears from the book trader that the order filled
    Leon W: The Professional Services department has more information on this subject, I can transfer you to them.
    ChatSys: Transferring ChatSession from 'Technical Assistance' to 'Financial Advisor/Broker'
    rob: hello?????
    rob: hello?????
    rob: hello?????
    rob: hello?????

    I am sitting here trading as I am not dumb enough or inexperienced enough to not know how bad IB support is but its frustrating regardless
  2. why not run away from IB?...interesting how IB is kinda like the Yankees, Cowboys, Duke or the em or hate em...hmmm
  3. Someone show me a deal that is equal to the commissions (retail or prop) and has as good as short list and I am gone
  4. Follow up to my post before. After over two hours of waiting to chat with someone I gave up.

    Still have the problem with partial orders disappearing on the book trader and the price also disappears in the main screen.
  5. How much volume per month? You can PM me
  6. LMAO, this should be a SNL skit.

    tooooo funny! :D
  7. they are simply the best for futures in my opinion PM me for my broker dude if interested
  8. sogodo


    thanks for info.

    when their comission is relatively low, the mandatory (if you don't generate zillion transactions per month for them) monthly fees for X_Trader are expensive (~$650)


    i better stay with my IB account where I pay, say $2.13 for each YM transaction, without any monthly fees and with free datafeed (provided I generate at least shabby $30/mo comission in total)

    or i'm missing something?

  9. The problem with IB is they hire the low-wage illegal mexican construction workers and "re-train" them in IT

    The same shoddy workmanship now translates into shoddy customer service.

    The fact that they hire rhesus monkeys from the local zoo to "re-train" as their lead IT managers does not help either.

    Add in the fact that the programmers are kept too busy putting pretty colors on the useless charts ( no one uses to begin with ) rather than debugging all the Java based garbage the above mentioned monkey-managers throw into every iteration.

    Each monkey-manager is in a race to complete 1 million TWS revisions before the end of each year. I think their banana bonus is tied to the number of iterations they can kick out the door.
  10. The problem with IB is they let customers in who take an hour to realize that they have no connection. An hour?
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