How to kick trading / stock market addiction?

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  1. I have other priority in life and won't have time to trade for the next month or two. I'm planning to go to grad school and really need to get my head in the applications and test prep. I feel restless when I can't monitor the market even when I'm flat and get no work done during the day. What's the best way to take a break from trading without the "train left station without me" feel? I don't want to miss out on the Q4 action...
  2. Smoke a blunt, drink a 40 and get laid.

    Or realize that there is more to life than watching tick after tick.
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    An earth shattering problem. How do you cope? Wait, I know, you could fill the void by posting mindless drivel on message boards (it's contagious, I just caught the bug myself).
  4. If you have no self control then simply go blow out your account so it no longer is a problem...
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    I would suggest to you that if you are in a struggle with market withdrawal, you still have some experience to gain.

    Ahhhhhh, glimpses of late 90's coming back, everyone was a market genius and couldn't get enough of the markets.
  6. There will always be a bull market for something no matter what you do...Lets take a look at the playbook. Maybe you should trade ETFs. Here is the playbook for ETFs.

    Split your cash into the ETFs that are in vogue right now and cash out in the spring. During the summer months, use the other ETFs that are listed...
  7. It will be pretty rough, but here is how you can quit cold turkey.

    Just get about 200 hours of Mad Money, have yourself tied to a chair and locked in a room. With nothing but a big screen playing MM, over and over and over.

    You will either be cured of your market addiction...or you'll go stark raving mad, bald and start screaming and sputtering about DKS, HANS, JOE, SHLD...

    Warning - You may end up looking like this!:

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    Hmmmmmmmmm--I think I finally figured it out--the chimp that throws the darts really is Jim Cramer playing himself.
  9. Hmm. If you're in this business for the "action", maybe a GA meeting would fit the bill.
  10. It might help to sit down face to face with another recovering addict of any kind and both of you share your feelings.
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