How to keep your brain sharp

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    regular exercise, walking, solving puzzles and eating lots of fish and will never come across senile status.

  3. Actually watching lots of porn keeps one's mind sharp and tool enhanced.
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    Many different women and lots of porn after market closes for me.
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    'Actually watching lots of porn keeps one's mind sharp and tool enhanced.'

    actually it leads to get a hard on but sex does not happen..........end result, brain gets trained to not indulge into sex after hard on and soon does not even get a hard on.
  6. Chocamine, Alpha GPC, Oxiracetam, CoQ10, ALCAR

  7. wow thats a cultured bunch.

    what ever happened to learning a real music instrument? (with some *real* music ... a la Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Scriabin, etc)

    I'd recommend for everyone here to go out and buy some textbooks on economics and read those in your spare time.
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    Learning something completely different....languages, new types of music, probably any new experiences....?yoga
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