How to keep a trading journal

Discussion in 'Trading' started by laeott, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. laeott


    I'm trying to keep track of a daily journal. I put in the reason why I purchased the trade, price paid, stop, and IBDS smart select ratings.

    It doesnt seem to help. I feel stuck.

    Is there a simple way to keep a journal or a simple format?
  2. Try a google search for trading journals and you'll find some examples - some free, some not.
  3. slacker


    I have moved all moved all of my record keeping to Google.

    The evening before I put screen shots of the previous day's activity and OHLC, news reports and any other notes into a Google "Writely" word processor document.

    At the end of the day I import trade information into Google spreadsheets. I also edit my daily document to create a daily recap of all trades.

    I am also using google bookmarks and calendar.

    My journal and records can be viewed from anywhere on windows or linux and from my wifi pda.

    Put everything online....

    Good trading!