How to invest or trade Yuan ?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Doji7, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Doji7


    Any ideas

    How to to invest or trade Yuan ?
  2. Oanda lets you play USD/CNY. The carry is killer, though.
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    <A HREF="" TARGET="***">CME</A>
  4. sim03


    Might want to take a look at liquidity first:

    10/23/07 volume = 1 (one)
    10/24/07 volume = 61
    Open interest = 343

    Maybe OK for investing (but with the added hassle and spread cost of monthly rollovers), not for trading. Oanda would be a far better and less expensive alternative.
  5. Doji7


    Why carry at oanda is a killer?

  6. Find a good broker and buy the hard currency. ie. Travelex... etc.

  7. Negative interest
  8. buy some yuan from a chinese......................
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    Any idea of how much will Yuan get strong and in how much time?
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