How to invest in diamonds

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  1. How can you invest in diamonds? Is there anything publicly traded that reflects diamond prices or is there any other sort of liquid way to invest in diamonds?

    Thanks guys
  2. pay a visit to India and Belgium, where most of diamond wholesaler are located.
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    or better yet take a trip to south africa. talk to some war lords and offer to buy some of their blood diamonds. one note however, stay away from the prostitutes.
  4. You don't.

    It's a scam.

    Diamond prices have totaly collapsed.

    No demand everywhere.

    Better of buying a condo in Vegas.
  5. They make diamonds in labs now that are better than the real deal. I wouldn't invest in them, even if they manage to have some kind of retail value.
  6. why do you want to buy diamonds? other than making the women happy.

    if you want to hedge/unload dollar, gold is the standard.
  7. I'm not asking for peoples opinions on the investment, I wouldn't start buying for another 8-10 months anyway. Last time I listened to ET posters opinions I missed out on a huge trade.

    So thanks but no thanks in terms of what the majority on this site think, I do not care.
  8. I am surprised no one yet gave you this answer: "buy the diamonds. Symbol: DIA" :D
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