How to install Visual Studio on a remote server computer

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  1. So I have a server located near an exchange.... only problem is that I would like to install Visual Studio on that computer, however visual studio is installed by disks.

    How do I get around this?

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    depending on OS, here's a little trick: copy the CD/DVD content to the remote server and use the assign command to create a "fake" drive corresponding to the location on the remote HD.
  3. Well,

    you can upload the disc content and start from the folder. Works.

    Or you make an image file (.iso) from the disc, then upload that and use a virtual disc tool (daemon tools).

    I would NOT do it though. Develop at home. Do not burden your close to exchange system with visual studio.
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    If windows environment, try running alcohol 52% software program. It allows you to create virtual drives and you could mount iso's or bin file and run it like a regular DVD drive.
  5. A similar question to that of the initial poster. How can I install Outlook & Excel on a remote server running windows Server 2008 R@.

    I agree with NetTecture the remote server should not be burdened, but I would like to have Excel for working with data files and Outlook for sending email alerts from the ATS. Is Outlook required to send the email alerts?

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    Uh... I'm 99% sure Visual Studio is available in a downloadable version. (I'm actually currently just using Visual Studio Express... but believe the full one is also available as a download.)

    Office absolutely is available as a download.

  7. Ah - no. All you need is a way to send emails via SMTP, for which there are plenty of libraries in C#.
  8. Thanks, NetTecture so there is no need for Outlook for emails. Great!

    Do I need Excel for manipulating data files (ascii, csv). Is there an alternate light weight tool that can be used for manipulating data files?

  9. Depends what you mean with manipulate. I would program something.

    If your computer is a trader workstation, Installing all that stuff is ok. If it is an ATS runtime platform - I would keep it as leightweight as possible in installs.

    Alternatively: Install a hypervisor and run virtual machines for all the stuff ;) This is what I do (although not hosting close to exchange yet).
  10. What I mean by manipulate is just to, open up a dat file in .csv or ascii format and view its contents. That's all.
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