how to increase income?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by howl, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. howl


    I do part-time mini account forex spot trading , last year my profit near 100%, first 2 month of this year I earn 15%.

    I began to trade spot forex from 2004, in 2004 lost 40%, in 2005 earn 25%, I plan to make the account 300% than 2004 in 2008. I think I have found the way to make money continuously in forex market with max 10x leverage usually 5x.Now every day I take 2~3 hours to trade, and keep the positions for days and weeks, most positions closed in a week.

    But I'm unable offer money in forex trading, my initial accont is only 2K8 USD, I think my ability should bring me much more money, any advise you give me ,I'll appreciate it.
  2. keep trading


    keep trading and contact Baron and become a sponsor of ET
  3. Do the same as others are doing on this forum.

    Start a thread about your system, give it a name like maybe the "frigid valley".

    Contribute hundreds of post to it a day, and beg for help from your readers. after a while you'll have a following of inexperienced lurkers who will love your openness and will want to fund your project.

    It works and is effective.

    Good luck.
  4. Ebo


    You could always name your system after a Fortune 100 Company and hope you don't get caught for trademark infringement!

  5. J. T. Marlin
  6. howl


    thank you all guys!

    It's same job trading 1K or 1 Million with 5X leverage in forex market because the huge liquidities, that's why people always expect more capital.

    My system is sample, it's not a EA, just based on moving average, price volatility, stoch and macd indicators, news and fundamental factors are also important.
    I'll keep trading to complete it and one day gain enough capital whatever.