How to Increase Firefox' default page zoom?

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  1. How to Increase Firefox' default page zoom?

    Changed my computer's default DNS server from Comcast to OpenDNS. A side effect, webpages appear in Firefox as if I had reduced them via the Ctrl minus keys. To get back to a comfortable appearance I now have to hit Ctrl plus keys. Anybody know how to set Firefox default page zoom to a larger setting? Rather not use add-ons due to issues they can cause at upgrade time.
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    That doesn't really make sense why a DNS change would impact your page display. You should first check to see if pages appear smaller in another browser besides Firefox.
  3. As a guess, it could be that due to the changes, Firefox is not recognising those pages as the previously visited pages in which you have zoomed in on. So they are reverting to the default until you re-zoom in.

    I've not seen any built-in method of changing the default. I would just use a plug-in. The worst that would happen after an upgrade is that it wouldn't work...
  4. I've had to deal with the settings issue due to aging and eye strain. Unfortunately, it is an add-on (firefox) -- however, I'm very pleased with it: Nosquint.
  5. This appears to be the case. A second visit to ET produced the page with zoom set as it was left.

    Good Call BigFunky, and thanks for the info.
  6. first, if you press Ctrl+0 that should bring you back to 100% - when you do that does it change?

    Second, get it configured the way you want and then hold the control key down as you close out the window with a mouse.

    Holding down the control key remembers that setting/config and next time you re-open it'll be the same way as when you closed.
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    Zooming tool is available as and add ons in the Firefox so you can easily use for the zooming you page.Firefox also provide some other features for zooming page like zoom it by use ctrl+scroll of your mouse.