How to imput IB TWS data into Tradestation

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by joesan, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. joesan


    I want to automate my trading. I find tradebolt or tradeassistant and maybe some other programs can pick up the trading signal from tradestation and send to IB for execution. But as I do not subscribe to tradestation , just has a version of tradestation 2000i , the problem exists as how do I get realtime quotes for tradestation 2000i ? I have only IB realtime data, is there a method / program to imput IB realtime data into tradestation 2000i ?
  2. mokwit


    Hyperserver (free but unreliable)

    Metaserver USD 168(slightly better (un)reliability and quicker reconnects and also backfill),

    Dynastore (no experience)

    If there are others or anyone has feedback on Dynastore would like to hear.
  3. simki


    just to piggy back on this thread.

    Does any of the above software accurately reflects IB volumes during real time ?

    i.e refreshing the data via backfill, the VOLUME doesn't drastically differ from real time values

    I know Hyperserver doesn't support backfill.

    what about Metaserver or Dynastore ?