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  1. You know, I come here for educational reasons, but I am very often upset by the amount of rubbish contributed by spammers, advertisers and flamers. It can be really annoying to look at a great thread and try to find the substance amongst a boatload of nonsense. Not to even mention the wasted time.

    Here my suggestion to improve the situation:

    I wish there was some sort of option to rate people by their posts, the way you can do at i.e. the Trade2Win boards in the UK.

    That way, we could distinguish valuable people from useless spammers straight away, and if everybody got deleted as soon as his 'rating' went below 50% or so, even better. That way people would really try hard and think twice before they post.

    Also, I think it would be great if people were ranked by their total post rating, rather than by their total # of posts, which is terribly misleading and generally, as in everything else, quantity tends to be disproportional to quality.

    This board would become a great, clean source of knowledge written by true Elite Traders. It would prevent a lot of silly newbie questions, too and instead make them go to efforts to search for the info in i.e. older threads.

    In actual university or school or a library or any educational place, people aren't just allowed to scream into the room unless they've got something valuable to say. Why should it be any different here on EliteTrader?

    It would also save this website boatloads of traffic, webspace and pains in the neck... Thus valuable time and money...
    A great benefit for all of us, and an even more often-frequented source for seriously ambitioned Traders...

    Fellow Brethren, it would be sensational if we all could advocate and pursue such a vital change for our community...

    I'm looking forward to your opinions and further suggestions / improvements of this idea. And please : Keep this thread clean!

    Many Thanks for Your Time,

    ~The Scientist :cool:
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    Good thoughts, but consider that the folks who run this site are in the business to make a are we all. They do that by selling eyeballs to advertisers. Anything that cuts down the number of users/posters will detract from the site's value to advertisers. So, you'll need to just take the good with the bad, and use your ignore feature.
  3. I thought about it, but disagree.

    Paid-for advertisement as in banners is OK.

    Chasing away interested users with useless nonsense is not.

    I think if the content was even more valuable, this site would become more desirable, more frequented and more highly advertised by the best of mediums at altogether: Press.

    Besides, I also detailed the way that the administration could cut costs by having a little less posts and a little less nonsense to edit. Also, the moderators could use their time better.

    Yours Sincerely,
    ~The Scientist
  4. Maybe the better solution is to allow viewers to rate the value of a specific posted message. It could simply be a yes/no answer, or a rating on a scale from 0-10, 0 useless, 10 useful.

    Board members in turn set the requirements for messages to be shown to us in our profile. (ie, minimum rating requirement for each specific message, after X number of votes received on a message). Any messages which don't meet the minimum criteria are automatically hidden from view.

    -- ITZ
  5. Very Good. That was one variation of my idea. However, it could be difficult to rate individual messages objectively, since everyone's got a different perspective, opinion and degree of education / experience towards a particular subject.

    Again, Thanks for your Idea.

    ~The Scientist
  6. A lot of posts are nonsense and useless.BUT, useless to who? What is a good post to you may be worthless to me.I say let the user beware. If you don't like it, don't read it. Let the moderators do there job and enjoy.

    good trading to all
  7. Wiener


    Interesting ideas, but one thing to remember this change will definitely involve significant development time. It's not just a trivial change of a 'Kill' button to 'Complain' :)

    So the question is, are the gains significant enough offset the development time and expense?

    I can't answer that, does anyone have any examples of forums using this post ranking feature?
  8. I believe Baron has mentioned in the past that, although this is a good idea in principle, it would take a basic rewrite of the software that runs this board to allow for that type of rating system.

    However, Slashdot uses a system similar to this using "karma points."
  9. Amazon's user reviews works fairly well. At least you can view the higher rated postings more easily.

    -- ITZ
  10. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    I think Baron would prefer we do the rating ourselves by using the ignore button. And reporting harrassment via the complain button.
    We all have our own definiton of what a good post is.
    There are a lot of them in jokes as well as trading.
    Too hard to define.

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