How to 'IGNORE' troublemakers on ET

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spinner, Dec 3, 2006.

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    The best way to stop any annoying person whose posts are causing trouble rather than contributing to ET, is to ignore him.

    If you feel a particular ET user is so annoying that you never want to see any of his posts ever again, follow these instructions:

    -Click on "Your Account" at the top right
    -Click on "Edit Ignore List"
    -Enter the annoying user's name
    -Click "Update List"

    If enough ET users do this to certain (unnamed) users who frequently disrupt threads and annoy a lot of people, the annoying users will probably stop due to lack of satisfaction.

    Just like in first grade, (and with prank phone calls, annoying little sisters, flashers, and other undesirables) if you pay attention to annoying behavior, it will continue. If you ignore it, it will disappear.

    If you make use of your IGNORE LIST, even if the behavior doesn't disappear, you will never see it again!
  2. Thank you for that wonderful public service announcement. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming of flaming, insults, and personal attacks.
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    Well, given that your posting history outnumbers mine by 100:1, should I take that to mean that flaming, arguments, etc are part of the attraction of ET? This is the Jerry Springer show for traders? (Not that I haven't LOL'd a few times at the insults, but. . .)

    Or, is it simply a question of discipline, of controlling your emotions long enough to accomplish something worthwhile? Hmm. . .

    PS A quicker way to do it is:
    -Click on user's name on left
    -select "Add [username] to your Ignore List
  4. It is just the reality of life on message boards where one can say whatever they want and do so under complete anonymity.

    BTW, there is no correlation between emotional control and being a successful trader. The only discipline that matters is doing the work, sticking to your plan, and getting yourself to take action under fire.
  5. i'm sorry i am still not getting it... could you make a video tutorial on YouTube and link it here?
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    I guess I just sincerely don't understand why people waste time and energy and screen space responding to some of the idiots that are on this board. This board is so helpful, an amazing resource, and yet nearly every thread eventually gets bogged down with stupid arguments.

    Do people actually like the confrontations for their entertainment value? If they already know about the ignore list, why would comments such as the following ever show up?

    "You have never tested a single damn thing I do but yet you follow me around in every thread trying to discredit my ideas. "

    Ok, I guess I am just naive, but jeez...!