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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by KevinBB, Jan 4, 2022.

  1. KevinBB


    Is it possible to ignore a forum, so that any post to that forum doesn't appear in Newest Threads or New Posts?
  2. Overnight


    I believe you mean ignoring subsections of the forum, not the whole forum, hehe.

    That's totally a @Baron question.
  3. KevinBB


    Forum is the right word. If you look at the list of sections on the left hand side of the screen, the URL for each of them includes the word "forums", for example:

    It would be really good if I were able to select which ones to ignore.

  4. Oh man, you beat me to it. I literally wanted to ask this question yesterday but then other things came in between and I forgot.

    I want to ignore the crypto forum. Any new threads that pop up in this forum are usually written by the same 3 or 4 shills. Not interested. Can we filter out an entire forum?

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  5. themickey


    I would like to filter out the forex forum.
    This forum appears to be loaded with both fake and naive retail posters.
  6. deaddog


    Jeez guys couldn't you just not click on those forums you don't want to read?
  7. Overnight


    What they are on about is how when you click the links to "new threads" or "new posts", you do not notice which subsection of the forum they are located in right away.

    For example, in my "new post" list, it may highlight a new thread titled "How do I know this futures hedge will work"? But that thread may have been posted in the option subforum, not the futures subforum. The only way to know this is to notice which subforum it is in after the link is clicked.

    It has happened to me many times. I will see a link about futures talk, see the discussion and chime in, only to realize later it is regarding options because I notice it is in the options section.
  8. deaddog


    Done the same thing. Now I check. That would take an extra click. Or you could quit reading the minute you realized that you had nothing to contribute to the thread.
  9. Overnight


    I take it back, I was totally wrong.

    When I see new blue links in my new post bit, I never actually noticed that it DOES show which subforum they are posted in...

    Whoops! I guess I am just a click-whore...


    Ahh well, I am hopeless. :)
  10. KevinBB


    @Overnight - you were right in the first place. The main issue is that there are so many new posts and new threads that we have to click through four pages of "clutter" searching for good stuff to read.

    So, a filter for "New Posts" and "Newest Threads" would be a great addition.

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